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There's more to a good day in the field than the harvest.

It's watching the mist clear as the sun comes up. It's the wait as the morning progresses, listening to the calls of birds and other creatures, near and far. It's sharing the day's recap, gathering with family and friends.

When it comes down to it, every minute counts, and a bad day is rare thing indeed. 

And the more time you spend out there, the better you understand that.

"Life for everybody nowadays is just fast-moving all the time. You always got somewhere to be, something to do, and someone to talk to. Constantly. So, when it's just you and a couple of your buddies on a fresh winter morning—where the sun's coming up just perfect—you soak it in. We got nowhere to be. For me, it's not about pulling the trigger. It’s being able to get out there, sit back, and take in the views."
     — Drey Estes, Safety Tech

"We get in our blinds and we lay out there as the sun starts coming up. There's no birds in yet and you’re just laying there relaxing. I guess you can compare it to somebody sitting on their deck drinking their morning coffee."
     — Milton Ivy, Maintenance, CNC Tech

"Even if you don't get any ducks or don't shoot anything, it's just—in my opinion—fun just to have conversation. 'Cause, I mean, you'll hear the goofiest stuff when you're in the duck blind. It’s cool to hang out with people that you are normally working with every day, and then here you are outside of work, letting loose a little bit."
     — Chase Butcher, Project Engineer

A good hunt is more than those last thrilling moments. A fulfilling life extends beyond work.

At B&W, we believe the year ought to be chock full of adventures, big and small. And we look forward to every new story our family has to tell after each weekend or season-end.

"What makes this place special is the atmosphere. It’s the fact that we make everybody part of our family. Not only do we have our family outside work, but we have our family inside work. We're a really tight-knit group, and that makes a difference. You see the smiles on everybody's faces. When you come in, you see people having fun at their jobs. They create that relationship with one another. It starts to remind you of your own family outside work."
     — Chris Ivy, CNC Supervisor

"My kids need a happy dad and a happy mom. That's why my wife and I both work at B&W. And I think that's a major goal for this place. They’re making sure that we're all able to have a good life and a happy family, a family that's taken care of."
     — Jeremiah Ivy, Robot Weld Supervisor

"There was a point in my life that, yeah, the work week was just so stressful. I'd live for the weekend and was looking forward to that five o'clock Friday. But it's not that way here. It's really not. It's worth sticking around for."
     — Justin Defebaugh, Production Support