Patriot Fifth Wheel Hitch

A Lightweight, Rail-Mounted Cousin of the Companion

Standard - Rail Mounted

You have rails? We can fit them.

The Patriot fits industry standard rails.  Pin the base in the rails, then set the coupler on the upright arms.  


Our handle works, even in a bind

The Patriot handle operates effortlessly and never leaves you in a bind, thanks to the use of a cam.  When the handle is open, the cam moves out of the way allowing the jaws to open when you pull away and uncouple.  When the handle is closed, the cam prevents the jaws from opening, preventing accidental release.

Quiet Ride

You might forget you're towing

We set out to build a hitch with the smoothest ride in the industry.  Our jaws are machined to precisely fit your coupler, so there isn't room for sloppiness.  A spring allows side-to-side movement without slamming.  And the whole coupler rides on polyurethane bushings that absorb roughness from the road.  


Clearance for your cab and bed sides is built in

A series of holes in the base gives you both height and distance adjustability.  Switching the slanted arms from one side to the other increases the distance.

Slider Option

Short bed? No problem.

The Patriot is also available as a slider to help you navigate those tight corners with a short bed truck.  Flip the lever and the Patriot slides back 12 inches so you can maneuver without getting your trailer into your cab.  When you're ready to tow, flip the lever again and the slider locks into place as you back up.

Additional Features


Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the products we build, but if something goes wrong, we make it right.
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Made in the USA

Always has been. Always will be. We’re proud to be one of the last remaining hitch makers in America.
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SAE J-2638 Certified

Tested for both strength and durability, our hitches meet the latest standard for fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches.
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Long-lasting Finish

The best in the industry, our super durable, UV-resistant powder coat paint will keep your hitch looking good for a long time.



Voted favorite Fifth Wheel Hitches for 5 years in a row by over 10,000 RV (formerly Trailer Life) Magazine readers.


GTW: 16000
VTW: 4000
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Your Patriot needs rails before you can hit the road.

Need some? We’ve got the best ones for your truck.


A great alternative to grease
Removing your hitch just got easier


Graphite Lube Plate

A great alternative to grease

Lifting Device

Removing your hitch just got easier

Frequently Asked Questions

The Patriot is painted with a medium gray powder coat finish.

Yes, our entire Patriot line will mount to any industry standard rails. 

Yes. The Patriot 16K has been designed to work with universal rail systems.

The Patriot 16K gives 3 inches of height adjustment, from 16" to 19" tall, and 4" of front to back adjustment.  Please see the diagram in the installation instructions for all available RV arm positions.

The short answer is yes, many folks towing fifth-wheel trailers with shortbed trucks successfully use the Patriot 16K. 

There are many factors to consider when addressing the issue of cab clearance.  To answer the question for you specific truck and trailer, pay attention to the following:

1.  Pin Box Location-Is the Kingpin even with the front of the trailer, or is it recessed behind the front of the trailer?  Some 5th wheel manufacturer's have compensated for the prevalence of shortbed trucks by building extended kingpin boxes.

2.  Type of trailer and shape.  Narrower trailers allow a tighter turning radius.  Trailers that are built with rounded corners accommodate more cab clearance than squared corners.

3.  Finally, the type of maneuvering that will be required while towing.  Do you anticipate lots of sharp turns while towing, or is it only highway driving with little or no backing?