Tow & Stow Adjustable Ball Mount

The Last Receiver Hitch You’ll Ever Need


Raise or lower for level towing

By pulling two pins, the Tow & Stow offers multiple height options.  Invert the Tow & Stow in the receiver for rise positions.


A hitch that knows when to get out of the way

When the Tow & Stow is not in use, keep it away from your shins and garage door by stowing it behind the bumper.


Changes ball sizes, changes height, changes everything

The Tow & Stow can accommodate all your trailer coupler sizes.  Pull the front pin and dial in the ball size you need.   


Lock the hitch in your receiver, then relax

When the Tow & Stow is locked onto the receiver of your vehicle, the swing arm can't be removed.  A slide pin keeps the swing arm attached to your hitch.

Additional Features


Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the products we build, but if something goes wrong, we make it right.
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Made in the USA

Always has been. Always will be. We’re proud to be one of the last remaining hitch makers in America.
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Pintle Hitch Option

Easy to line up and connect, our pintle hitch option can carry even heavier loads than the regular Tow & Stow.


Long-lasting Finish

The best in the industry, our super durable, UV-resistant powder coat paint will keep your hitch looking good for a long time.



A slide pin keeps the swingarm and hitch balls secure even when the other pins are removed.  You’ll want to add a hitch lock to keep the shank completely secure.


GTW: 10000
VTW: 1000
+ TS51230
+ $45.00
Add a Locking Pin?: 

Add a Locking Pin ?

Add a Locking Pin ?
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Protect your Investment
In case you lose one or just like having a spare
For towing with a clevis hook


Stainless Steel Locking Receiver Pin

Protect your Investment

Replacement Pin

In case you lose one or just like having a spare

Draw Bar

For towing with a clevis hook

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  The 2" shank MultiPro Tow & Stow is not compatible with a reducer sleeve.

The Tow & Stow ball assembly is finished with nickel-plated chrome.

Yes.  If you need rise to better meet the coupler on your trailer, then you can simply turn the hitch upside down in the receiver and use the height adjustment to give you the needed rise.

Apply white lithium grease to all three Tow & Stow stainless steel pins. Keep the pins clean and lubricated to prevent seizing.

The best way to prevent pins from seizing in place is to keep them clean and regularly apply a thin coating of white lithium grease. Keep in mind that metal parts in contact with each other and exposed to the elements can eventually corrode and rust. Regular maintenance is required.