Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch

#1 Selling Gooseneck Hitch in America

Stows In Place

A hitch when you need it, a level bed when you don't

Instead of worrying about where to store the ball when you're not using it, the Turnoverball let's you store it where you need it.


Pairs with a Variety of Accessories

Need more turning clearance?  Need to add a fifth wheel?  We have you covered with a lineup of accessories that fit into the Turnoverball mounting system.

Easy Install

No welding or bed removal required

The underbed mounting system bolts to already existing holes in the frame of your truck.  Only a 4" hole in the truck bed is required.

Level Bed

What's the point of a bed if you can't use it?

We believe your bed is yours to use - take the kids camping, throw a mower or lumber in the back - you know, the things you bought a truck for in the first place.  Your hitch shouldn't get in the way of that.

Square is Better

It's hip to be square

Fitting a square peg into a round hole is kind of our thing.  While others use a round base and receiver, we like the security of a square receiver.  The square base keeps accessories aligned with the truck, so a Companion or four-inch extender is possible.

Additional Features


Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the products we build, but if something goes wrong, we make it right.
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Made in the USA

Always has been. Always will be. We’re proud to be one of the last remaining hitch makers in America.
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SAE J-2638 Certified

Tested for both strength and durability, our hitches meet the latest standard for fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches.
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Long-lasting Finish

The best in the industry, our super durable, UV-resistant powder coat paint will keep your hitch looking good for a long time.

Towing a fifth wheel trailer?

Combine the Turnoverball mounting system with our award-winning Companion.


move your pivot point rearward four inches
2-5/16" Replacement Gooseneck Ball
1” taller than the standard ball
for when you need to tow 30k+ LBS
for inverted fifth wheel trailers
for when the ball is on your trailer, not your truck
for old oil field trailers
for protection from the elements


4" Extender

move your pivot point rearward four inches

2-5/16" Replacement Ball

2-5/16" Replacement Gooseneck Ball

Hi-Rise Ball

1” taller than the standard ball

3” Ball

for when you need to tow 30k+ LBS


for inverted fifth wheel trailers

Inverted Ball

for when the ball is on your trailer, not your truck


for old oil field trailers

Turnoverball Cover

for protection from the elements

Frequently Asked Questions

Either way works fine.  If you have the spray in liner done after the Turnoverball is installed, you have the advantage of the liner covering the cut edges of the hole in the bed. 

The great thing about having a square base in a round hole is that the dirt has a place to go.  How much grease is needed is a function of how much it is used and how dirty the environment.  If you notice that the grease coating on your ball is gone, it's probably time to apply more! 


The Turnoverball will work with a suspension lift, but not with a body lift.  In order for our hitch to work properly, the distance between the bed and the frame must be maintained.  A body lift separates these components.

Our hitches are made to fit a particular year and make of truck and cannot be moved to a different make of truck.  In some cases, a hitch can be moved from an older to a newer truck of the same make.  B&W covers only the first installation under warranty.  Contact our installation department for more information, 1-800-248-6564.

Other companies can manufacture items and even market them to be used with B&W products, but that does not mean that they are endorsed by us or safe to use.  In addition, if these products cause ours to be used outside the 'normal use' of our product then it would void the warranty on ours.


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